Your Single Use Item’s Unexpected Journey

We’ve all bought a bottle of water or cup of coffee at some point along the way. It quenched a thirst and seemed harmless at the time, but did you know that you’re contributing to a much larger problem?

The Problem: Single-use plastic water bottles create tons of waste!

Have you noticed that the use of disposable water bottles has skyrocketed over the past 10 years or so? And with that, so has the waste that comes with them. To put it in perspective, the average American consumed about 34 gallons of bottled water in 2014.[i]

That is roughly 217-20 oz. disposable plastic bottles a year.

The Problem: Single-use coffee cups are also adding to the growing waste problem.

You know that cup of joe you grab every morning from the coffee shop around the corner? Delicious right?

They serve it in that paper cup that you throw away in about an hour or less, never to think about it again. well it is time to start thinking about the impact, because these cups are filling up the landfills.

While some are thinking about these consequences, in reality most of us don’t recycle what we use.

What if we rethink and then reuse?

You Could...

Reduce waste.

By choosing a reusable water bottle for instance, you could save 217 plastic bottles from ending up in landfills this year.[v]

Now think about if you got one friend to join you on the quest and they got one friend, and then they got one get the idea.

Save money.

If putting dollars back into your pocket is of interest, then next time we recommend you make your favorite brew at home. By using your favorite reusable mug, and making coffee at home 5 days a week, you can save $363 a year instead of purchasing it from a coffee shop.[vi]

Now that you know the real journey, it’s time to make a change.

Share with the coffee addict, the gym lover, the road tripper. Share with everyone and give them a choice to change.

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[vi] According to a survey conducted by The National Coffee Association and The Specialty Coffee Association of American, the average cost of a 16 oz. cup of coffee is $2.38. If you buy one of these every day on the way to work that’s $11.90/week or $618.80/year. Take out two weeks for vacation that’s still $595/yr for coffee.

The SCAA Golden Cup brewing standards require the use of 3.75-4.0oz of coffee to brew a 64oz pot of coffee – that’s four 16 oz. cups. Given this standard, 1 oz. of coffee should yield 1 16 oz. cup and a pound of coffee should yield 16 16 oz. cups of Joe. Consumers can spend between $10-$15 for a decent pound of coffee. Assuming you get 16 cups of coffee out of pound of coffee, that’s between $0.62-$0.93 per cup. This means making coffee at home would cost between $3.10-$4.65/week or up to $232.5/year (5 days a week, taking out the same two weeks for vacation). That’s a savings of at least $363/year.


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